Monday, October 29, 2012

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How to grow Pot with CFL's

Best ways to use CFL's to grow great weed

   Hey its no secret you can grow weed with CFL grow lamps, but is it really worth it? Can you really grow good dank with CFL's? Well yes, yes,  you definitely can!  In fact not only can you grow killer medical grade marijuana using powerful CFL units, but you can rival traditional more expensive grow lights in yield and quality! More and more professional and novice growers are moving towards alternative forms of grow lighting.

  The way to use CFL's as grow lighting is in how they are applied. First, use plenty of light. I mean LOTS of light. A CRAP LOAD if you can.
Don’t skimp on CFL's, they last forever and are still lower costing than regular grow lights. I'd recommend getting the SuperMax 2000 watt CFL grow lamp from  Its a pretty sick unit and well priced at well under $250 bucks!


  CFL's in the flowering cycle should be put as close as 2” to the buds, and not ever being farther than 10” from the tops. Make sure your keeping your grow area to about 2 ½ feet to 3 ft under your grow lights for the best outcome. 

  Pot growers mistakenly use CFL's just like HiD's or HPS lights and expect the same yield, but without making the necessary changes for growing with CFL lights. CFL's don’t penetrate as far as HiD or HPS lamps do because of the lower Lumen count, however
in the first three feet of light, CFL grow lights can exceed HiD, and HPS units systems in TOTAL USABLE light. Meaning the CFL grow lights produce less overall lumen, but more lumen in spectrum’s that marijuana plant needs. Thus, newer cultivating methods such as, scrogging, pinching, sea of green, and lollipoping are much recommended when using CFL grow lights. Really, whether your using HiD or HPS lights or low energy lights such as CFL's, those methods are still highly recommended. Even using HiD's, or HPS units, the buds under two or three feet tends to be wispy, popcorny and unsuitable for smoking.


  Just out! CFL vegetation grow lights are the most powerful low cost vegetation units on the market. Period.

  Alright, let me explain. Right now, at least 50% of all indoor cultivators still use T-8 or T-5 fluorescent tube setups for their weed plants during the vegetation cycle with crazy good results.
Fluorescent tubes are widely believed to be the closest artificial light to sunlight. Its no wonder tanning beds use fluorescent light, there's none better. CFL's or compact fluorescent lights are the exact same type of light only in a compact from. Cheap alternative grow light bulbs are easier to position, & give super powerful lumen in the same place over traditional T-8 or T-5's.
 A few old school 400 watt and 650 watt T-8's and T-5's have done a pretty good job, using a 1400 watt or 2000 watt CFL growlight unit is more sensible. With one of those systems growers get
3 or 4 times the lumen from a fixture with roughly the same upfront cost. Many plant growers report having  three of four inches of new growth every day with mega powerful CFL Grow Lights.


  Listen, CFL grow lights may or may not be for everyone or all growers, however if you want to save your ducketts while still cultivating some super dank buds, you need to try these bad boys! 

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